Welcome to The Liquor Guy - The ULTIMATE Beer, Liquor, Spirits and Wine Delivery Service! The Beer Guy has information working hard to build a list of everything you could ever need when you're looking for information on beer, buying beer online, or stuff like the canadian beer store! We're collecting interesting facts about beer as well! We're trying to catalog a huge list of the stuff we think will be most valuable to you!

We originally starting this section out with the History Of Beer, the Types Of Beer, and even Uses for Vodka, Top 10 Rules for Boozing, but have been adding more and more stuff as time goes by.


As a company in Canada, we deal a lot with The Beer Store, or simply Beer Store as you may also know it. To people that are not familiar with the Canadian setup, they might think The Beer Store is something like The Beer Store of Canada, but The Beer Store is not as national as everyone might think, they're more like The Beer Store of Ontario! They have been around since before the days of prohibition, knows as Brewers Retail back then. The have grown with the times of being a partner with the Government of Ontario, to becoming privately owned by the likes of Molson, Labatt, and Sleeman's.

While The Beer Store is fully know to Canadians, not many are familiar with the online beer store, otherwise known as The Beer Guy. We have been around for only a few years, but have experienced phenomenal growth since our creation. We started out as a great place to order beer online, but have been evolving to provide more then just the place to buy beer online. We are trying to provide our customer's, not just beer delivery, liquor delivery, spirits delivery, or wine delivery; but we're taking it a step further to provide all the information you might need to better your shopping experience. In fact, we consider the only site on the internet that does The Beer Store Delivery or LCBO Delivery.

Click here if you're looking for an alphabetical listing of our Beer, Liquor, Wine. As some people might already know, we are the largest delivery company in Ontario. We offer delivery to:

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We are constantly growing too, so stay tuned for us to expand to your city soon! Check for us to deliver beer, liquor, and wine to your city soon!


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